Performing Uplifting Massages in Woodford Green, Essex

Nu U Hair and Beauty Lounge is based in Woodford Green at prices to suit you. Treatments take place in a calm relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Proven to Reduce Stress

Did you know 90% of Doctors visits are caused by stress? Research continues to show the enormous benefits of touch- which range from treating chronic diseases, neurological disorders and injuries to alleviating tension of modern life style.

We all have busy lives, children, work, commuting, meetings being a stay at home mum can be very stressful. We all feel some kind of tension somewhere on our bodies, could be shoulders, head neck our joints or our Feet? Having a Indian Head Massage, foot massage or a full body massage will help release That tension and help you feel energised and relaxed.

So why not budget time and money to invest in your health, by having just a 30 minute facial. Can help you feel pampered and rejuvenated as well as relaxed. Massage is a luxurious treat, helps stress relief and pain management. All of our massages will benefit you.

The Benefits of Massage Treatments

• Decreased Anxiety
• Enhance sleep quality
• Greater energy levels
• Improces concentration
• Reduce fatigue
• Alleviated lower back pain

• Enhanced Immunity by stimulating lymph flow (the bodies natural defence system)
• Exercise and stretch weak and tight muscles
• Increase joint flexibility

• Lessens depression
• Reduces spasms and cramping
• Aids in pain relief
• Promotes an overall sense of well being

Make Health a Habit

Having a regular massage will help in how healthy you feel and youthful you remain.

Woman Receiving a Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massages

Hot stone massage is known as the "Detox Massage". This is a Powerful treatment. The stones used are Basalt Lava stones made up of lots of different minerals. By using the stones enables me to give a much deeper massage. The stones are heated to a certain temperature.

They can be placed under and on the body, holding them in your hand, having one placed on your stomach or in between your toes will straight away bring warmth to your body and help you to relax ready for your massage.

It has been said that having a hot stone massage is the equivalent to a two hour high impact work out in the gym? As we massage with the stones I will be working on loosening muscles, increasing Blood circulation, and eliminating waste products.

Indian Head Massages

Indian Head massage. Includes Scalp, Neck, Shoulders, arms and face massage. All that is needed here is a chair and some massage oil, no need to undress as this treatment can be done with your clothes on. This is such a lovely treatment, clients can have this treatment in their lunch break.


Aromatherapy massage Using essential oils extracted from Trees, leaves, bark, flowers, plants, herbs roots and seeds. Aromatherapy is a type of alternate medicine that uses essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds, to help with the psychological and physical well-being.

Swedish Massages

This invigorating full-body massage makes use of effective Elemis™ oils. Working discreetly and respectfully, we ensure that our clients are covered at all times.

Indian Head, Swedish body, Aromatherapy or a Hot stone
massage any of these treatments will help you to feel like a Nu u at a price you can afford!

Contact us today, in Woodford Green, Essex, to experience holistic treatments and relaxing massages.

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